For the one the ultimate summer feeling, for the other a true nightmare; those awful thickening barbecues … ?!

Finally … Finally it’s summer, and what kind. What everyone was hoping for and nagging has become reality. Nice weather. Jippie! Barbecue out of the dust and against it!

I have not heard so many complaints in my practice for years about those “terrible” thickening barbecues. Boy, how awful. Therefore, especially for you, some healthy tips for a successful barbecue.

So much food, help!

I’m surprised about it. What is the problem then I think? Nice weather and enjoy making your own food outside. Visiting there, family friends. How many more ingredients do you need to be happy and satisfied? But no, the majority of my customers complain, complain and complain. After the notorious barbecue they have gained kilos … How is that possible … and how can we prevent that?

Help Kitty help …

First aid for BBQ – Healthy tips for the BBQ

  1. Eating too much makes you fat. So arrange a> Do not eat too much.
  2. If you prepare the BBQ yourself, opt for lean meats such as chicken, pork chops and beef. so avoid sausage and hamburger types.
  3. Mayonnaise and red sauces are fat makers but also flavor enhancers. By adding these sauces you often eat too much. So leave that stuff.
  4. Bread and especially the herb butter turn on nicely, so don’t.
  5. The same applies to fries and potato salads. So stay away.
  6. What is allowed is all types of vegetables, barbecued or not. Sprinkle them with fresh or dried herbs, garlic and a pinch of coarse salt.
  7. Don’t forget to take a fish. Delicious with some lemon and fennel some olive oil in aluminum foil on the BBQ.
  8. Do not drink too much alcohol, it makes you mellow so you often do not realize how much you eat with it.
  9. Give some attention to the delicious homemade dressings and sauces below and you will not be short of anything.

Make a healthy and delicious dressing recipes yourself

Honey mustard dressing

For salad, fish or piece of meat. Mustard 2 parts, honey 1 part dash of vinegar. Dried dill to taste.

Cold fresh sauce

For meat, fish, baked potato. Lean crème fraise 2 parts, sandwich spread 1 part, crushed garlic clove.

Warm tomato sauce

For all meat and fish dishes.1 pack of mashed tomatoes, few finely sliced ​​basil leaves, a dash of cream, a little salt.