How can I be updated whenever you post something new?

We suggest you create an account and sign up here in our site. By signing up, you will be able to give us your email and we will automatically send a message whenever our website updates.

Where can I see your tips and tutorial videos?

You can see our tips in our blog posts. Just search for the blog post section and you will see the tips posted every week. Tutorial videos on the other hand can be found in the videos section. We separated them to make our website more organized and to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. The videos are posted and updated week by week as well.

How do you make these natural beauty products?

We make these natural beauty products by using fresh and natural ingredients. Most of them are made from fruits, vegetables and anything that comes from nature or home remedies that are good for our health and skin. We also chooses these ingredients because they are safer and milder for ourselves.

Where did you get the idea or inspiration of creating this type of website?

We see many beauty blogs that are very inspiring for us and they motivated us to create our own. But other than that, we are also more than fascinated at the thought that we can share many ideas and techniques to other people with this beauty tips and DIY by creating a website.

Do you ever plan to create your own beauty products made naturally and sell it?

We never thought of that before even though many people have suggested it to us. But we think that it’s best for now to create natural products and share them to other people for free since that was our purpose of creating this website.