The temperatures drop every week, leaves fall from the trees and we cannot go outside without a coat. It is clear autumn. A wonderful time to get a breath of fresh air outside in the showers. A round of cycling or a walk in the woods, you can relax outside in the fall in no time.

Great period for cycling in the forest

In the fall it is wonderful to go outside. Not when it rains or the wind blows really hard, but the sun also regularly appears in the fall. Autumn is an ideal season for a bike ride. In the fall the temperatures are still great for a nice bike ride and it doesn’t rain as often as we think. Together with your family a nice trip in the neighborhood or with a group of friends on a mountain bike into the forest. Make sure you dress warm enough. If you sit on a bike for a few hours, and perhaps get a little rain on your roof, you can get very cold quickly. So make sure you have good clothing and possibly a rain suit.

Walking with your family

Walking is also very nice in the fall. Nature has great appeal in this season, with its red leaves and falling beech nuts. Children love to look for acorns and chestnuts and pick up large leaves in the forest, to turn them into a work of art when they return home.

Active walking: Nordic Walking

If you want to walk more actively, then Nordic Walking is a good idea. Nordic Walking is walking with a kind of ski poles. These poles give you extra grip on the road surface, which is no superfluous luxury in the winter with the wet smooth leaves on the ground. The poles also ensure that you can easily maintain a steady pace. Also make sure that you are well dressed. It doesn’t seem that cold yet, and when the sun shines it looks like summer, you get cold quicker than you think.

Healthy tip for everyone

Do not sit inside when it gets a little colder and the days shorter. Go outside and relax!