About Us

Becoming Beautiful was founded in 2010 by a woman who became quite successful in her life. She became fascinated at the thought of getting beautiful without any harmful chemicals used. Since most of the products nowadays uses chemicals to maintain or make our appearance better, she thought it will be great to share how ladies from before made themselves beautiful in a traditional, healthy and natural way. She believed that anyone can make their physical appearance standout in the crowd without doing anything harmful to our skin or even health.


Because of that idea, she was more than motivated to create a place where she can share this knowledge and thinking to other people. She wants to be of help when it comes to beauty, be inside or outside.


Through the years, she gained lot of good feedback and great reviews. She was handling her own website until she thought that it was the time to reach out for help from people who have the same purpose of becoming beautiful. Many people wanted to help with her website but she couldn’t choose all of them so she just picked out those who were really willing to join her and spread more tips and facts about beauty.


Altogether, they made the website better and more joyful than before. They made sure to keep posting and sharing to their loyal people who looked up to the website.


This woman’s mission and purpose for creating this website was to let other people know that there are other ways we can be beautiful without the use of chemicals, injections or other stuff that aren’t really necessary. Beauty comes from within and if you are beautiful inside, it will reflect outside and make you a better person physically and morally. All you need to do to make yourself more beautiful outside is to enhance your natural features. Until now, they are successful in spreading this belief.